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One on One with Diane Hatz
Vegetarian Times (September 2008)
An interview with Diane Hatz, Founder/Director of Sustainable Kitchen. Vegetarian Times talks to her about what’s on her plate—and theirs.

A Taste of Hope
Organic Gardening (Aug/Oct 2008)
An article written by our Marketing Manager, Dawn Brighid, about the hopeful state of sustainable food. We are making a difference!

Raising Awareness of Sustainable Food Issues and Building Community via the Integrated Use of New Media with Other Communication Approaches
Cases in Public Health Communication and Marketing (August 2008)
The title speaks for itself, read on!

Real Health with Dr. Steve & Dawn Brighid
Real Health Podcast #43 (July 2008)
In this podcast interview, Dr. Steve talks with Dawn Brighid about her A Taste of Hope article in Organic Gardening magazine and spreading the word of Food Revolution. You can also find the interview on iTunes—“Real Health with Dr. Steve.”

Top 10: Films for the Earth
Sacramento News and Review (July 3, 2008)
“1. The Meatrix. Available for free download (, this series of animated shorts isn’t technically a documentary.”

A Green Giant
More Magazine (July 2008)
Diane Hatz is sticking up for family farms and teaching the world to eat locally, one town at a time.

The pork wars on YouTube
Minnesota Public Radio (June 27, 2008)
People at the National Pork Board were watching the Meatrix, too. So, unbeknownst to Moopheus and the makers of the Meatrix, Pork Checkoff, the media-arm of the Pork Board, made and posted its own YouTube videos.