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Mobile Recipe App for iPhone

We at Sustainable Kitchen are proud to announce the debut of our Mobile Recipe App! Move your cursor over the thumbnails below to learn more about this exciting new way of keeping track of your sustainable lifestyle!

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Home / The Home screen of the Mobile Recipe App features easy-to-tap buttons for each of Sustainable Kitchen’s main recipe categories, as well as an easy-to-locate search function.

Search / Choose between cuisine, course, or main ingredient, select a category from the handy scrolling list, enter a key term into the search field, and watch it go!

Recipes, 1 / Glance through our wide collection of full-color photographs to find something that really appeals to you, either visually, or based on the ratings of other users!

Recipes, 2 / View the recipe itself to learn ingredients, serving size, and preparation time. Use this handy menu screen as your take-off point for any number of other great features.

Shopping List / With the tap of a finger, you can add the ingredients of a recipe to our in-app shopping list and check off each one as you add it to your cart.

Preparations / Toss out that old cookbook! Our Mobile Recipe App will lead you through every step of the recipe... and give you helpful hints on how to make it easier!

Demos / Not sure of your culinary talents? The app includes video demonstrations of many of your favorite recipes—as well as a few you’ve never tried before!

Reviews / Find out what others have to say about a recipe, or add your own review and help out your fellow sustainable chefs once you’ve tried something for yourself.

Favorites / Loved a recipe so much that you can’t wait to make it again? Add it to your Favorites so you never have to search for it in the future. Yum, sustainability never tasted so good!