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Print Design: Advertising, Layout, & Packagingclick the links to see more of my work in these areas
I have worked in publishing in some capacity or another for over twelve years. During that time, I have done work for both advertising (banners, posters, catalogs, etc.) and for the books/cases/labels themselves.
Freedom: A History of US (inside) Animal Curiosities (inside) The First Californians (inside) Write On! Targeted Vocabulary Strategies for Secondary Social Studies Journalism 2010 FizzYum! Excite your mouth, 1 Design is a way of improving the world What I Eat, 2 MeWOWie! package Teenage Witness, outside

Digital Design: Web, Presentations, & Animationclick the links to see more of my work in these areas
I've been creating and maintaining web pages since 1998, for both personal and professional ventures. Over the years, I have created professional-grade PowerPoint presentations for many different venues, from tradeshow presentations to proprietary products. While I am still a novice with Flash and hardly a skilled animator, I do have a solid understanding of the program's basic functions, and am more than willing to learn more, should the need arise. The website and animations will open in a new window; the What I Eat presentation will open a open a gallery containing several slides from the PowerPoint. Move your cursor over the image to see the Prev/Next navigation buttons, or use the right and left arrows on your keyboard to navigate. A copy of the original PowerPoint file can be downloaded from the Presentations page linked above.
What I Eat Heroics

Traditional Art: Illustration & Paintingclick the links to see more of my work in these areas
I am an amateur painter and illustrator, familiar with a wide range of media, ranging from traditional forms such as watercolor paintings and marker illustrations, to digital illustration and painting in both Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.
a copier fairy, 1 native Californian baskets Healing When the Day Met the Night Leaving the Lollipop Forest Angora in Kepaniwai Park acropolis