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Sample book layout: Three Men In a Boat.

Below is an example of an entire book laid out and formatted by me, provided first as optimized for print, then as optimized for ePub. You will need an ePub reader such as iBooks or Adobe’s Digital Editions in order to properly view the later, and a PDF reader such as Preview or Acrobat Reader in order to view the former. 5.5"x8.5"

Three Men In a Boat PDF Three Men In a Boat ePub
Book spreads.

The covers for many of these books can be seen on the Packaging page.

Freedom: A History of US (inside 1) Freedom: A History of US (inside 2) Soccer Math (inside) The First Californians (inside 1) The First Californians (inside 2) Animal Curiosities (inside 1) Animal Curiosities (inside 2) Write On! (inside) Targeted Vocabulary Strategies for Secondary Social Studies (inside) History Tunes (inside) Teach Me, I Dare You (inside) Basic Economic Concepts (inside 1) Basic Economic Concepts (inside 2)

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