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Hunter’s Glade

As part of a school assignment, I created a logo for myself/my portfolio and then incorporated it into various print collateral, as well as my website when I redesigned it to be an online portfolio.

HG logo HG business card HG folder
Miakel Bishay Salon

For another school assignment, various groups of students competed against one another for the opportunity to brand a hair salon, with the salon owner deciding the winning team. Though my group’s designs were not chosen, we were still considered a strong contender. For this particular project, I was responsible for designing the logo, posters, price menu, and website, amongst other things. I also offered input on the designs of my group members, and helped ensure cohesiveness and consistency across all parts of the project.

The final thumbnail is for the website and, when clicked, will open a new window. Some of the copy for the website has been replaced with Lorem ipsum as I do not have rights to the original text.

MB logo MB price menu MB posters MB website redesign
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