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The majority of the comics in on this page are quite old, from when I was in college or earlier. I keep them here more for nostalgia’s sake than anything else. At this time, I have no plans to continue the two longer graphic novels, Spirit-1 and SpaceHunter_X. Use the right arrow key to progress through the other three comics below.


A (supposedly) futuristic fantasy comic that follows the adventures of Plick the Plucky Priestess and her unusual traveling companions. Now with 70% more Plot!


Theropicus Paagen is an undercover cop for the Inter-Stellar Police Force. When he meets his new partner, the android X-19-84-42-01, his life changes dramatically. Warning: This comic does contain some violence, nudity, and language.

Mandy Goes to School

The (mis)adventures of myself and my friends in our junior year of high school.

Mandy & Anne’s Guide to AP Biology

After seeing the Mandy Goes to School comic, my AP Biology teacher requested that I do an AP Biology comic as well. Clever person that I am, I convinced her to allow me to make it my final project for the class.

JAM Goes Caving

These strips of Jean, Anne, and Mandy going to California caves were drawn for the daily newsletter of the 2003 NSS Convention in Porterville, California. The first, larger strip was drawn for the convention “preview” newsletter.